Sports Registration Software Strengthens Business at Modern Goalkeeper

Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems was founded by former two-time National Champion Goalkeeper Coach with St. Benedict's Preparatory School, John Plaugic. Plaugic started training young athletes nearly ten years ago while attending Caldwell College, using his free-time to put together the beginnings of a business and brand that would eventually come to be known as Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems.


For the first several years of operation, Modern Goalkeeper was run as a cash-only business. While this sufficed when Plaugic was working with mainly returning customers who he personally knew, as word spread about Plaugic’s training it quickly became necessary to look for a more updated process.

In addition, Modern Goalkeeper needed an operating system that would not only allow for professional client interaction, but would also coordinate logistical business processes on the back end. Plaugic is a teacher, spending his weekdays in the classroom. With training athletes and working in the classroom, Plaugic is left with little or no time for management and back-office work.

To make things even more complex, Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems sends seven or eight coaches to training and lessons across more than 10 locations. They needed a system that would keep everything running in unison, with consistent procedures for booking and scheduling.
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“When I decided to look at software companies, and I spoke with Upper Hand, it was a no brainer. We were able to make it easier for parents, who are investing for their children, and having everything very transparent, makes it a successful software,” said Plaugic.

The software works with Plaugic’s needs to build a flexible, but complex schedule. From group training to 1-on-1 sessions, by location or coach, everything is coordinated across the board. Plaugic said “the software makes it easy to operate these complex training programs, that could be 150 miles away from each other, without skipping a beat. Everything is uniform and everything is done professionally.”

Also helping with Plaugic’s always on-the-go schedule, is the fact that the software is mobile responsive. He is able to stay in contact with everyone, players, parents and coaching staff, while on the move or working from a different location.
Download the PDF for the full case study >


Upper Hand has really helped Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems grow. Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems business has probably tripled in the last year. Having a way to keep track of my community of players, we are able to get in contact easier keeping our clients abreast of all our different training offerings. - John Plaugic

The entire Modern Goalkeeper coaching staff is on the same page, coordinating training among 10 locations with Upper Hand sport software and support. Plaugic said,

When I make a call to Upper Hand I’m not only going to get to talk to a human being, but someone who understands the sports market as well. We can get things done quickly, because the team at Upper Hand is made up of former athletes who understand the sports performance market. - John Plaugic

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