Sports Software Streamlines Management & Increases Efficiency for Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams is an indoor practice facility and training academy in Lancaster Ohio and has been around for just over three years. Softball coaches Chris Zaker and Don Holbrook teamed up with former Major League Baseball pitcher Allan Anderson to present Lancaster’s first and the area’s top indoor baseball and softball practice facility and training academy.


Field of Dreams was a brand new facility, focusing on gaining clients, but not thinking much about the scheduling process. They were keeping track of scheduling on Microsoft Outlook with a calendar that was shared through iCloud. In addition to being inconsistent, the process was taking away valuable time that trainers and staff could have spent working with athletes.

Field of Dreams needed to streamline management processes for registering and scheduling lessons with instructors and staff at the facility. In addition, the staff needed to avoid double booking of space internally, as coaches planned their training events.
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In 2014, Owner and Instructor at Field of Dreams, Chris Zaker, started looking into a sports scheduling software partner that would allow clients to book and schedule their lessons online. Field of Dreams decided to partner with Upper Hand Sports Software. Upper Hand’s features and benefits were built for the unique needs of sports organizations just like Field of Dreams.

Using Upper Hand sports management software, Field of Dreams is now able to handle scheduling, client communication and instructor data entry with greater accuracy, in less time.
Download the PDF for the full case study >


Today Field of Dreams has six instructors utilizing the Upper Hand scheduling platform simultaneously, and they anticipate adding one or two instructors later this fall. They work with 100-125 athletes on a regular basis.

In addition to clearing up inconsistencies for the staff and management team, Upper Hand sports software made registration and scheduling processes easier on Field of Dreams' clients. Zaker says, “The ease of use of the product has been mentioned by many of our clients!”

Zaker explained how the transition to Upper Hand has helped Field of Dreams saying:

All of that time we save has been re-allocated towards other projects, marketing efforts and even instruction time. The time we have saved has helped us continue to build our brand and offer more instructions to more students, which is why we started this business in the first place! I cannot believe we ever ran this business any other way!

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