The Top Face Masks for Working Out

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The CDC recommends face masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Fitness centers and gyms are beginning to reopen with mask mandates in place, which means finding the best workout mask is key to having a comfortable–and successful–workout. But, not all face masks make the cut. When choosing the best face mask to wear to the gym, it’s important not only to consider the functionality and protection the mask provides, but also aspects such as breathability and fit.

So, we took a look at some of the top workout masks that will help you protect yourself and others from COVID-19 without compromising your workout.

Top 7 Best Workout Masks for Running and Exercising 

Under Armour Sportsmask

top workout masks









Design: The UA Sportsmask is designed with activity in mind, making it one of the best workout masks. This face mask features 3 layers all with a specific purpose: a water-resistant outside layer with spacer fabric, an open-cell foam layer to let air through while keeping moisture particles from spreading, and an antimicrobial inside layer to keep the mask fresh. The UA Sportsmask also features Under Armour’s UA Iso-Chill fabric which keeps the mask cool to the touch for as long as you wear it.

Fit: This mask is structured to sit up off the face and lips for added comfort and breathability. While this is a bulkier mask option, it is still breathable, even during long workouts. The ear loops aren’t adjustable, however it does come with an adjustable band to help it fit your face.

Care: This face mask is machine washable, so you can rewear it day after day.

Adidas Face CVR

top workout masks adidas









Design: Adidas’s face cover is a dual layer mask with a pocket for a filter. The polyester material is lightweight and breathable, feeling like a second layer of skin. 

Fit: This mask is lightweight and stretchy, but does lack the ability to adjust. It fits snugly to the face, which could feel constraining after long periods of time; however, it also means that it will stay put.

Care: This face mask is machine washable so you can “wash, dry, reuse.”

Athleta Activate Face Mask 2 Pack

best workout face masks











Design: Athleta offers a variety of face masks for exercise and everyday use. However, their new Activate Face Masks are one of the top workout facemasks, as they were designed for activity. Made with Athleta’s performance-driven TurboDry™ fabric, these face masks are lightweight and breathable, feeling airy against the skin. In addition, they are quick-drying, made to dry sweat as quickly as it comes while also preventing heat and oil build-up on the face.

Fit: These masks are moldable around the nose and cheekbones and have adjustable ear loops, allowing for a proper fit and comfort throughout your workout or for all-day wear.

Care: This face mask can be hand washed.

PUMA Face Mask

face masks workout









Design: The PUMA Face Mask features three layers of protection while still allowing for breathability. The fabric is very smooth and is designed to keep you cool as you workout. Over time, the design of this mask has improved allowing for better breathability while still offering the same level of protection.

Fit: This face mask has adjustable straps as well as an adjustable nose piece to help mold it to your face. However, the looser fit does mean it may move around during your workout.

Care: This face mask is machine washable.

Onzie Mindful Mask

face mask workout














Design: For those who like to make a statement with their face mask, the Mindful Mask by Onzie Activewear is another one of the best workout masks. Made from up-cycled activewear material, they are made with movement in mind. These masks include multiple layers of their Full Flex Spandex technology on the outside, and a high performance lining on the inside meaning they are stretchy, quick-drying, and breathable. The soft spandex straps allow for maximum comfort and long-term wear.

Fit: This face mask can be worn on its own or as a cover for an N95. This mask is lightweight and stretchy, however the ear loops are not adjustable.

Care: This mask can be hand washed.

Masqd Ultra Sport Face Mask

working out face mask









Design: The Ultra Sport Face Mask by Masqd is designed for activity. This is a triple layer mask with a pocket for a filter, however it is still lightweight. The poly-honeycomb outer layer ensures you won’t compromise on breathability. The materials are antibacterial and hypoallergenic, and the cotton inner layer keeps this workout mask comfortable.

Fit: This mask has adjustable ear loops as well as an embedded nose clip to ensure that it fits securely on your face.

Care: This face mask is machine washable.

Sudlio Disposable Face Masks

disposable workout masks









Design: For those who prefer disposable masks, these black colored options can be found on Amazon. Similar to the reusable mask options listed above, these face masks are moisture proof and comfortable. They feature a special 3 ply non-woven design that not only prevents water and air particles from coming out, but also keeps particles from coming in.

Fit: While these masks can’t be adjusted, the embedded nose piece and pleated design ensure that it fits to your face. These masks have an elastic ear loop that is extremely lightweight.

Care: This face mask is intended for one-time use.

Disclaimer: this article is intended for educational and informational purposes, not as health or medical advice. 

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