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Sports Waiver Form

Keep your business safe by ensuring clients submit the necessary sports waiver for your next event.

Basic + Customized Waivers

Every client that registers through Upper Hand will agree to our basic athlete waiver and release agreement at no extra charge to your business.

In addition, you can create custom waivers based on your unique event or training-specific needs.

$1 / Client

It's easy to create a new custom sports waiver. This feature is available right in your registration platform. Once you create the waiver you need to collect, clients will be requested to accept at the time of login. And the cost is just $1 per client! 


30-Second Checkout

Returning clients can sign in and checkout in 30 seconds, anywhere, at anytime. Clients create an account once, at the first point of contact with your business. After that, signing in and purchasing training can be done in no time! 


Integrated Sports Waiver

You can ensure all of your clients have signed the appropriate waivers, right at sign in. When new or returning clients create or sign in to their Upper Hand account, they will be automatically requested to accept your new waiver agreement.


Track Waiver Submissions

Now that your waivers are integrated with your event registration, you can easily track which of your clients have not yet accepted your new agreement before they attend an event.

“As my business grew, I was looking for a solution to manage it more efficiently. I looked at a number of different options but Upper Hand was the only solution that was "all in one" for a private coach like myself. The support is awesome. They are always listening and looking to make things work for the customer. I'm excited for my business to grow with Upper Hand.”

Coach Eric Kresser, Owner of Pro QB

“All of that time we save has been re-allocated towards other projects, marketing efforts and even instruction time. The time we have saved has helped us continue to build our brand and offer more instructions to more students, which is why we started this business in the first place!I cannot believe we ever ran this business any other way!”


Chris Zaker, Field of Dreams Owner

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