Sports Facility Management Software

Maximize the profitability of your space and streamline business operations with the most flexible facility management platform.

Sports facility scheduling calendar software

Resource Scheduling

Eliminate double-booking with the first calendar and scheduling system that overlays all staff, program, and resource availabilities.

Retail Management

Easily manage your swag in the pro shop or online with real-time inventory tracking and automated quantity alerts.

Payroll Automation

Automate your payroll with time tracking, staff pay rates, and program-specific rules based on lessons completed or events worked.

Turn Your Resources Into Profit Centers

Eliminate double-booking and maximize your revenue opportunities with Upper Hand's sports facility management software.

Built for complex facilities

Customizable To Each Facility's Needs

  • Associate resources with lesson booking packages, instructor schedules, and rental options to give clients the best online scheduling and booking experience.

  • Combine billing options with membership benefits like credit passes, program and retail discounts, and exclusive member programs.

  • Achieve True Availability and eliminate double-booking with the industry's first calendar that overlays your resource, staff, and program availability.

  • Avoid duplicate records and maintain accurate data by associating multiple child and parent profiles into one account.

customizable calendar

Power UP front desk performance

Increase Operational Efficiency

  • Quickly convert foot traffic to new customers with a streamlined enrollment workflow.

  • Empower staff with clock-in tasks and default calendar views so they get quick access to what matters most.

  • Sell retail products at your pro shop or sports facility and customize your point-of-sale setup with compatible hardware.

  • Book and check-in clients, reschedule sessions, change booked resources and update staff assignments without leaving the calendar.

Build a winning formula

Track Performance

  • Increase retail revenue by optimizing your pricing and purchasing strategies with customizable retail and inventory reports.

  • Put payroll on autopilot with clock-in tasks and event-level rules like completed lessons or programs worked.

  • Understand your clients' purchasing trends with detailed sales and transaction reports.

  • Run effective geo-marketing campaigns by analyzing your client database on a zoomable map.

Financial reporting

Take Full Control of Your Facility

Power UP your Sports Facility with Upper Hand