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Advanced Reporting

Cutting-Edge Sports Reporting with Business Intelligence


Advanced Reporting

To maintain clients and grow your revenue, you need data that makes sense - data that can inform your business decisions.

Upper Hand’s Sports Business Intelligence platform provides insights to drive future revenue and client satisfaction!

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Data Driven Business

Use all your data to understand core business metrics and performance.


Intelligence for Growth

Take action with confidence in your data that will transform your sports academy.


Consulting & Analysis

Get in-depth analysis and consulting with the industry’s leading sports software.

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Your Reporting Playbook:

Average Revenue per Client

Visualize trends in Average Revenue per Client on any timescale - daily, monthly, quarterly or even by the hour. Average Revenue per Client calculates what your business earns per client by analyzing transaction history. 

Smart Lifetime Value

Our patent pending algorithm calculates the Smart Lifetime Value of your business by looking at age and client revenue for all contacts and clients in your system.

Client Lifecycle Analysis

Introducing the industry's first ever Sports Business Intelligence Client Lifecycle Analysis to drive the most important decisions at your sports business. From how to market your business, to what events you should be launching, Upper Hand’s patent pending algorithm will revolutionize the way your business connects with clients.


Quarterly Consultations

In addition to your reporting tools, you will have access to an Upper Hand representative who will help analyze your data, review and discuss critical feedback to inform your business decisions using the sports industry’s leading best practices.

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One Platform; Unlimited Opportunity


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