Manage auto-renewal memberships that align with your business and communicate the value in becoming and remaining a member.

fitness membership management software

Customize your memberships with benefits your clients will love.

With an unlimited number of combinations, tailoring membership benefits that resonate with your clients has never been easier.

fitness membership software

Offer automatic discounts for all or selected program types.

Sessions & Credits

Automate class and program credits they can use to schedule.

Retail Perks

Offer retail discounts at your studio, gym, or pro shop.

Member-Only Access

Give members access to exclusive programs and events.

membership enrollment

Effortless enrollment

Eliminate lost revenue caused by poor purchasing experiences with a platform that makes it easy for clients to enroll where it's most convenient for them.

Increase retention

Continually offer benefits that resonate with your customers by analyzing membership performance reports and key metrics like monthly recurring revenue, churn rates, member growth, and more.

membership analytics software

Explore more membership software features

Enroll. Retain. Grow.
Automatic Billing Retry

Recover lost revenue from outdated cards and billing errors.

Suspend and Cancel

Easily manage the statuses of your client's memberships.

Optional Join Fees

Add optional one-time fees for new member enrollments.

Commitment Lengths

Add optional commitment lengths to memberships.


Create private memberships for invite-only access.

Pre-Sale Option

Build momentum before launching with pre-sale options.

Retaining members has never been so easy

See how Upper Hand can increase membership and put recurring revenue on autopilot.

More software features you'll love

Sports and fitness solutions that help you achieve more while doing less

Scheduling & Registration

Streamline online and in-person scheduling and registration.

Staff & Payroll

Automate payroll and simplify staff scheduling.

Facility Management

Streamline resource scheduling and eliminate double-booking.

Experience the new way of doing business

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