Peloton Bike Resistance Charts

Get the high-intensity workout without the high price tag by converting the Peloton bike's resistance to your stationary exercise bike.

Over 20 of the most popular exercise bikes

This guide was created for those wanting to maximize the benefits of Peloton’s cycling classes without purchasing the Peloton bike.

We researched the resistance levels of over 20 of the most popular stationary bikes and exercise bikes to create an easy-to-use chart when following the trainers’ instructions during Peloton’s cycling classes.

Included charts:

  • Max resistance levels of 20+ exercise bikes from brands like Life Fitness, NordicTrack, PRECOR, ProForm, Echelon, and more.
  • Conversion of resistance ranges between Peloton popular exercise bikes.
  • Exact resistance conversions between the Peloton bike and other popular stationary exercise bikes.

Get the Peloton bike resistance charts!