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Frequently Asked Questions

Core Software

What is the implementation process?

Implementing Upper Hand requires four key phases: Build, Add, Test and Launch. Starting with build, our team will help you build your Upper Hand experience to align with how you do business today and how you plan on doing business in the future. In the Add phase, we’ll work together to upload your data, like staff, clients, and events. Testing gives us both assurances of success, and Launch pushes your events through Upper Hand to all those who interact with you.

Are there limits to how many users or events I have?

No – most of our customers are implemented with hundreds to thousands of users when they get started. Upper Hand’s pricing does not limit you on growth. So no matter how many staff members, clients, or programs you have – Upper Hand’s pricing is aligned with our goal – helping you scale your business.

Is my customer data safe?

Security is a core tenant of the Upper Hand value proposition and a top priority when handling our customers’ sensitive data. The best place to learn about this in detail is by reaching out to our team!

Is it an annual commitment?

Yes. While Upper Hand contracts are billed annually by default, we never go into a partnership with the belief it will be limited to 12 short months. Our goal is a long term partnership. We invest a lot of resources during the initial phases of your subscription to ensure long-term success, because if you’re not seeing success with the platform, then neither are we. Also, we’ve also found that customers who can commit to full year of using Upper Hand create more successful experiences for their clients in the long run.

What are the credit card fees?

Standard Upper Hand Processing guarantees a flat 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction with any credit card purchase. That means you always know exactly what your costs are per registration, regardless if someone uses AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. Lower rates are also available via UP Payments and are based on your historical transaction volume. For these custom rates, we provide a rate analysis to make sure you’re getting the most competitive rates on the market.

Are there any hidden or additional fees?

No! The only fees you pay are your software subscription and processing fees. There are zero fees for cash and check transactions, refunds, or withdrawals. There are also zero registration fees!

Custom Websites

Will my site be mobile friendly?

Absolutely. Knowing that most of your clients will visit your website via smartphone or tablet, all of our sites are built with the mobile experience in mind first.

I already have a domain. Do I get to keep it?

Yes! We will work with you to point your domain to your new website. If you don’t have one, we will help get you the domain you want.

What’s included in the $50/m hosting and maintenance fee?

The monthly fee includes all of the important things that make your site safe and secure. In addition to your premium unlimited hosting, we have teamed up with GoDaddy and Sucuri to secure and backup your website. This includes daily anti-virus scans, backups, SSL certificate, trusted site seal, malware removal, Google blacklist monitoring, and more.

How many updates and edits are included?

During the initial design and build-out phase, our team will provide unlimited edits to ensure you are satisfied with the end product. After we go live, our team will execute 2 page edits per month and train you and your team on how to make changes. If you want to be totally hands off from your site, we offer premium website support options that you can opt in to after the first 60 days.

How long does it take until my site is live?

Our team is committed to providing you a first-class experience as we work with you to design and build you the site you want within 45 business days of your initial scope call. For more complex designs that require more development resources, a firm timeline will be established at the beginning of the design process.

What is the design and creative fee?

The design and creative fee is a one-time fee that covers the initial design, development, and build-out of the website. This fee varies based on the complexity of the site and can be adjusted to fit your budget.

Training Packages

Are Training Packages for new customers only?

Absolutely not! While it’s critical for new customers implementing Upper Hand, a majority of current customers utilize these services for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re adding new staff members, thinking about making changes to your business model, expanding your offerings, there is never a bad time to get dedicated support to make sure you’re leveraging every tool available. We understand that this is an investment into your business – and we’re here to maximize your ROI.

How do I know which plan is right for me?

The Training Packages are tiered to serve businesses of all shapes and sizes. A variety of items factor in to which plan we would recommend. For new customers, we will recommend a plan based on your current business model and goals you’re wanting to achieve with Upper Hand. For current customers, get in touch with us and we can help point you in the right direction! 

What is the Initial Kick-Off Meeting?

Our Kick-Off meeting is one of the most important steps in our implementation process. We hone in on the goals you hope to achieve with Upper Hand, create a custom training roadmap, set roll-out milestones, and kick off your Upper Hand journey.

What is the Product Innovation Meeting?

Your voice truly matters to us. Upper Hand would not be where it is today without feedback from our customers, and pushing the boundaries of sports & fitness is at the core of our company. Each month, we have a day focused strictly on “breaking the norm” and have collaborative sessions on innovation and ways we can add unforeseen value for our customers with the newest available technologies – and you get to be a part of it. 

What are the differences between the various data migrations?

We work with businesses of all sizes and backgrounds and have different data migration services to fit your needs.

For contact migration, your Dedicated Training Specialist will work with you to develop a communication template for you to provide to your clients about your software switch. They will then assist you in sending invites to your customers and help minimize any potential switching costs. Data migration assistance includes a seamless integration of your current events, schedules, and more. Full data migration takes that a step further, and includes a seamless integration of your business’s historical data, like transactions, past events or memberships, etc., so you don’t lose a beat. We can support a large variety of data types.

What are the differences between the Advanced Training Meetings and Role Specific Trainings?

The Advance Training Meetings are more strategy-focused and make sure that Upper Hand is being successfully leveraged into your business model. As the admin, the goal of these meetings is to make you the expert. However, we know you’re probably not the only one that needs to understand how to utilize the software. The Role Specific Trainings focus more on the day-to-day operations and are tailored to train your staff in the various functions they serve.

What is the Custom Training Report?

At the end of your training, your Dedicated Training Specialist puts together a custom training report that highlights your successes and journey in the software at the end of your training package. It will also have a custom insights on how to continue to grow your business with Upper Hand based on your goals.

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