May 2020 Product Update

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May product roundup

Remember Tiger King? Neither do we. 

In May, we saw businesses begin to reopen after the coronavirus shutdown, and mourned with the Black community after the incomprehensible death of George Floyd. Amid the highs, lows, and unknowns ahead, we promise to uphold our core values of trust, grit, and passion, and our belief that together, everyone achieves more.

While time seems to be flying by, our team continues to stay laser-focused on delivering new features, squashing bugs, and creating resources to help businesses navigate the COVID pandemic and prepare to reopen.

May 2020 Product Update

In this update:

Sports and Fitness Reopening Kit

Over the past 3 months, our team has been hard at work generating resources to help sports and fitness business owners and leaders navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare for reopening.

On May 12th we hosted The UPLIFT Roundtable, where we invited some of the industry’s most respected business minds to join in a new collective mission to empower sports + fitness businesses for re-opening.

Together, through this “best practices” event, we outlined a playbook of strategies that produced a recommended Sports + Fitness Re-opening Guide, made available to everyone in our industry around the world. But it didn’t stop there.

Using the content generated from the Roundtable, surveying over 1,200 sports and fitness consumers, and our own industry research, we created 6 additional pieces of content, all of which are described in this blog:

  1. Reopening Checklist for Sports and Fitness
  2. Report: Examining the Reopening of Sports and Fitness
  3. Survey Data on Post-COVID Consumer Trends and Behaviors
  4. Customer Lifecycle Journey Template
  5. Calculating Profit Margins Per Resource
  6. UPLIFT Roundtable Webinar Recording

The best part? Download one and receive all 7 straight to your inbox!

Upper Hand Wins 2 Stevie Awards

On May 26th, Upper Hand received two prestigious awards in the 18th Annual American Business Awards®: a Gold Stevie® Award in the Training Category and a Bronze Stevie® Award in the Best User Experience Category.

We are grateful for the recognition and know it would not be possible without the help of our amazing customers!

Read the full release

Cash Drawer Calculates Change Due

Correctly calculate change with minimal effort!

With this feature we have added an optional “Amount Paid” field within the point-of-sale (POS) checkout process to handle cash transactions, giving you the ability to take your client’s payment and produce the correct change in seconds.

New Retail and Purchase Receipts

This update separates purchase receipts and registration confirmation emails and also creates email receipts for retail transactions! Splitting out the receipt from the confirmation email allowed us to add a scannable QR code for the transaction and will allow businesses to be more organized.

Apply Discounts via Quick Schedule

This update allows staff to enter discounts on the fly during checkout! This is a great feature for those last minute sign ups or if an attendee is running late and you’d like to book a partial session at a reduced price. 

Delete Staff Members

Admins are now able to remove staff member accounts and revoke all access to their account.

Do you have questions about the features in our latest round of updates? Let us know at support@getupperhand.com! 

To see a live demo of Upper Hand in action, click here to schedule a time!

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