The Definitive Guide to Re-Opening Sports & Fitness

Strategies and best practices for re-opening based on insights from The UPLIFT Roundtable panelists and Upper Hand Market Research.

Everything you need to re-open with confidence

On May 12th, Upper Hand invited some of the industry’s most respected business minds to join in a new collective mission to empower sports + fitness businesses for re-opening. Together, through this “best practices” event, we outlined a playbook of strategies and produced this Re-opening Guide for Sports & Fitness, made available to everyone in our industry around the world.

This kit includes the Re-opening Guide & UPLIFT Roundtable webinar.

What to expect, and what  you’ll learn:

  • Highlights and key takeaways from the UPLIFT Roundtable
  • Access to stream the UPLIFT Roundtable on-demand
  • Short and long-term industry and business impacts caused by COVID-19
  • How to leverage the 3 Nutrients to Motivation in your marketing outreach
  • Survey data from over 1,200 sports & fitness consumers how they feel about returning to their gym post-COVID
  • Why the digital trend is here to stay
  • 4 types of sacrifice your clients make, changes in consumer behaviorism, and how you need to adapt
  • A full checklist for re-opening, and more

Download the Re-opening Kit

Additional COVID-19 re-opening resources:

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