Customer Lifecycle Journey Template

Build a strategic roadmap by applying new consumer behavior trends and insights to your customers' journey with your business.

Adapt to your clients’ new norm

With new consumer behaviors due to COVID-19, simply re-opening with the same strategy as before is not enough.

By first thinking how your clients interact with your business, you can apply new strategies and make adjustments to that journey based on insights and research.

This resource provides a template for you to re-think your customers’ interactions with your business and adapt accordingly based on new consumer behaviorism trends. 

What to expect, and what  you’ll learn:

  • Important insights on consumer behaviorism (e.g. the more small transactions a client makes with you, the more likely they'll transact a big transaction with you.)
  • The 4 types of sacrifices that is required by the consumer to transact: time, money, emotional investment, and sustainability.
  • Examples of a customer journey based on sacrifice levels.
  • Template for you to re-think your offerings based on sacrifices by your customers.

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