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Whether you're a new rookie or been in the league for years, there's an Upper Hand guide for you. From streamlining business operations to accelerating clients' development, we craft resources for the sports and fitness business owner at every stage of doing business.
Sports camp guide

Best Practices Guide: How to Run a Successful Event

From preparation to execution – a lot goes into running events. Here are 13 tips on how to grow participation year after year.

Evaluation Template

Template: Providing Feedback & Evaluations

Propel athlete and client development by providing personalized assessments in key areas of your trade with this template.

Waiver and release

Template: Stay Safe With a Waiver & Release

Everyone needs a waiver but many don’t know where to begin. Keep you and your business protected with this customizable waiver template.

Incident Response

Best Practices Guide: Reporting Incidents & Injuries

Incidents & injuries happen, but few know what to do next. Learn what to do and how to do it with this guide and checklist.

events profit loss

Worksheet: Calculating Your Event's Success

This simple yet powerful worksheet is designed to help owners and admins understand the net profit or loss for each event or program.

Non Compete Agreement

Best Practices Guide: Non-Competition Agreements

Staff may come and go, but your sensitive info shouldn’t. Learn about non-compete agreements and use this free template as a starting block.

Sports budget template

Worksheet: Sports & Fitness Budget Template

Analyze cash flows and crush financial goals with this financial template designed for sports and fitness businesses.

Sponsor Letter Template

Template: Raising Sponsorship Money

Learn what to send and how to send it with this letter template and guide on raising sponsorship dollars for our organization.

Event Setup Checklist

Checklist: Prepping for Your Next Program

From scheduling to registration, this checklist focuses on 7 key areas related to the admin and planning functions of event management.

Competitor Worksheet

Worksheet: Defeating The Competition

Everyone has competition. Gain a better understanding of your competitors & build a plan to crush them with this worksheet.


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