How To Coordinate Your Staff with Facility Scheduling Software

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Do you ever feel like you’re wasting time on back-end management like staffing schedules? Are you able to avoid conflicts and confusion when it comes to who is running what training and when? If you’ve been in business for a while, perhaps coordinating staff schedules at your sports facility comes down to writing everything down on paper, using aging management software, or even a combination of paper, phone calls, email calendars and the classic company whiteboard.

If you’re still using the above methods, it’s time to ditch them quickly to avoid growing problems, miscommunications, and stop wasting time. To stay competitive, realizing how risky paper-based or out-of-date software systems are can save you a lot of headache.

With paper or a combination of multiple systems, you risk losing important scheduling information. Saying this though, even if you consider scheduling software solutions, hopefully you’ll find one method that will work effectively for you and your business. Plus, being organized is the way forward when it comes to increasing productivity amongst your team. Here are some better ways to use sports scheduling software to get your staff and clients on the right track, increasing efficiency all around.

Avoid Miscommunication & Double Booking

One of the biggest challenges sports businesses face with staff scheduling occurs when setting up appointments and 1-on-1 lessons with clients. Since most of your staffing team are working to train athletes, how can you make it easier for them to set up appointments with clients, without scheduling errors?

If you’re still forcing them to do scheduling in a paper-based monthly planner, or even in Google calendars, they’ll likely end up making a mistake sooner or later. As their client list grows, and clients ask to reschedule, it’s tougher to add in scheduling without proper digital technology to make sure nothing is forgotten and no one gets double-booked.

What you need is software with the ability to automatically populate scheduled dates, times, and locations so scheduling becomes a breeze. Removing the burden of sifting through papers to find other appropriate times for rescheduling allows your training staff to save time for more important things, like working with athletes!

View Trainers Work Schedules

So now your trainers can schedule appointments with ease, but what about how you manage your staff’s schedules? As the owner or manager of your sports facility, you want to keep track of when staff comes into work.

Quality sports management software should enable all of your trainers and coaching staff to set their schedule of availability. As you grow, trying to keep track of each employee and when they come in becomes impossible to manage through an ordinary calendar.

A platform organizing each employee’s schedule and payouts will make managing your staff much quicker and free of errors.

Schedule Payout for Employees

Another hurdle you likely face is knowing when to schedule payout to your trainers. Perhaps you’ve set up a system where some of the trainers you hire get paid on different days from others.

Having this all on paper creates added pressure on your payroll department (which is likely you or a volunteer), especially if you are not on top of your data and academy sports financials. Payday can be filled with stress if your books aren’t up-to-date.

Good scheduling software will work in unison with your finance and sports business intelligence tools, ensuring accuracy on payday.

Schedule Multiple Training Types

Your coaches likely work with different clients in different settings. Some clients may partner with your facility solely for one-on-one training, or others might purchase clinic training or a group program. Or maybe you need scheduling that is flexible from location to location as well.

More complicated scheduling like this can get really messy, really quick without digital software and easy mobile device access. All your training staff can easily keep up on their schedules while on the go without having to visit a specific facility location to work things out and go over the schedule for the week.

On the client end, they’ll appreciate the efficiency. And will be able to take scheduling into their own hands, making things more efficient for everyone.

Make Digital Scheduling Symbiotic

Using a mobile-friendly scheduling software means your clients can easily sign in to see their training schedules. During the checkout process, while registering for training sessions, the client can choose the date and time of their training according to your coaches availability. When clients can control and check their schedule anywhere, from any device, your facility will likely cut down on no-shows as well.

Your team will be amazed at the increase in efficiency that comes with updating your software systems and giving management, training staff and clients the tools needed to coordinate schedules.

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