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Vince Reese

Upper Hand Sales Associate


About Me.

I’ve been playing sports since I was in diapers. I learned the basics of football in my front yard with my Dad and older brother. I began wrestling at age 3 and started swimming shortly after. I learned much of what I know about life on the turf or on the mat as an athlete and as a coach. I’ve taught swim lessons, coached wrestling, and I was most recently an assistant middle school football coach. I am a graduate from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business with a degree in Marketing and Sales. GO HOOSIERS!

Taking Coaches Up & To the Right.

I am extremely thankful to be a part of a team that is passionate about improving the programs that have developed me into the man I am today. As a coach, I understand the strenuous work and countless hours that go into managing teams, camps and trainings. At Upper Hand, we look to eliminate those annoyances. We're here to help!

Sports Businesses Like Yours.

It is extremely fulfilling to hear the stories of the coaches, trainers and managers that I get to work with every day. Each business may have different priorities or problems to solve, but we can do it with one flexible solution, Upper Hand!

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Vince's Inspirational Moment

In 2016, I was lucky enough to witness the Colts beat the Packers at Lambeau Field for the first time since 1988. My favorite sports moment is Jordan Todman taking the opening kickoff against the Packers 99 yards to the house. The roaring stadium was silenced and my brothers, Dad and I were some of the few left standing. We asked to take a picture shortly after and received a lot of no’s before someone finally agreed to take a picture of someone in blue. I am incredibly thankful for this moment and the hospitality of the Green Bay fans. Visiting Lambeau Field should be on every sports fan's bucket list!

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