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Tim Wylie

Senior Sales Director


About Me.
Since I was a kid, my life has revolved around sports. I grew up playing soccer, among other sports, and was fortunate to play for the eight-time soccer national champion, Indiana University. I also coach travel soccer here in Indianapolis. As a Sales Director at Upper Hand, my main focus is driving new business; from prospecting potential customers and demonstrating our software, to transitioning new clients to our success team. Prior to Upper Hand, I was a top performing sales rep at Angie’s List.

Taking Coaches Up & To the Right.
It is a dream come true to work at an energetic company that uses technology to solve sports businesses’ problems. After being involved in athletics in multiple capacities, I understand the administrative nightmares that many businesses encounter. Some of my biggest role models are previous coaches. Having a team whose sole purpose is to help those coaches and their businesses go up and to the right is what separates Upper Hand from any other.

Sports Businesses Like Yours.
Upper Hand is a great fit for any sports business or coach that runs sports instruction, wants an easy way to manage those offerings, and wants to provide the best client experience possible. Whether you’re running a few lessons, putting on seasonal camps and programs, or running year-round teams and training, our platform will help you bring all of your administrative processes under one roof, cutting down on the time you spend in the office and allowing more time on the field with your athletes and families.


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Tim's Inspirational Moment

Landon Donovan's 91st Minute Goal vs Algeria To Advance in the 2010 World Cup - The United States needed a win to advance from the group stages to the knockout stage in the 2010 World Cup. The game was over, less than a minute left and the ball in the keeper's hands - until the United States went on a sprinting counter attack and scored. It is one of the most monumental moments in the history of US soccer, if not the biggest. It brought a nation from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs in seconds. While they lost the next game, viewership increased by over 18 million. It single-handedly changed the following of soccer in the United States. I'll never forget that moment.



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