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Kasey McKenney

Customer Success Rep


About Me.
As a Customer Success Rep at Upper Hand, I am focused and pride myself on providing the best experience possible to our customers and their clients. I am a proud Indiana University Graduate, Go Hoosiers! I am a former road warrior, who has managed sports and entertainment events nationwide for all of my prior career. I have a huge passion for sports at all levels and am currently still chasing my sports dreams one intramural season at a time.

Taking Coaches Up & To the Right.
I am passionate about working at Upper Hand because I know our software and our team are focused on our customers. We work day in and day out to provide our customers and their clients with the best software and support in the industry. Our team has a unique understanding of the sports industry; we know what support coaches need and how important it is to allow them more time to focus on their athletes.

Sports Businesses Like Yours.
Upper Hand is a great fit for sports businesses of all sizes. That is what makes us unique, we tailor our services to your needs. I talk to new customers each day who were managing their registrations through one system, managing contacts through another system and tracking financials in a notebook. That leads to a lot of time wasted. At Upper Hand, we provide everything you need to move your business up and to the right! Not to mention the best customer experience that you can find - we work as a part of your team.


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Kasey's Inspirational Moment

The most inspirational sports moment for me was this iconic, and at the time, controversial moment where Brandi Chastain celebrated a penalty shot at the 1999 Women's World Cup. It was my first memory of women being so widely celebrated in American sports. Even though I didn’t play soccer, it gave me confidence in the sports I did play as a kid. It affirmed that women belong in sports, are incredible athletes and deserve to play. In addition, this photo represents national pride. It was such a defining moment in history for not only US Women's Soccer, but for Soccer as a whole in the USA.


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