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Jennifer Bonner

Upper Hand Wordpress Developer


About Me.

I am the Wordpress Developer at Upper Hand. I originally started exploring web design during my attendance at Indiana University as a hobby. Since then, I have completed the Front End Developer training program at the Iron Yard, and have now been able to turn my passion into my career! The best part about my job is being able to help coaches build out the vision of their business, while giving players access to the information that they need so they can spend more time teaching and training. 

Taking Coaches Up & To the Right.

I love working at Upper Hand because we tap into a field that builds the foundations for success for sports players around the country. It is important that coaches and staff have little to worry about when it comes to management off the field, in order to dedicate precious time to athletes and training, and we help solve that problem. 

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Jennifer's Inspirational Moment

My most inspirational sports moment was when David Ross hit a home run in game 7 of the 2016 world series to lead the Cubs in ending their 108-year-old quest for a championship. He went into this postseason knowing that it would be his last and for him to leave the game on such a high note is admirable. He played with his whole heart, never giving up throughout his entire career, and that was evident in this final-game home run.

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