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Ariella Ford

Marketing Director


About Me.

As the Marketing Director at Upper Hand, I love sharing tips with coaches and trainers to help build their sports organizations. For me, growing up in a small town in Northern Indiana, sports brought our community together on a weekly basis. From Mishawka high school, home of the Cavemen, to the neighboring University of Notre Dame, sports played a huge role in creating a sense of unity and support in our community. 

Taking Coaches Up & To the Right.

At Upper Hand, we make sports management easier for coaches and trainers so they have more time to help athletes grow. I enjoy working to bring that same sense of community to young athletes that I experienced in my youth. I am happy to be able to keep customers and coaches up-to-date on the latest industry trends in sports management! 


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Ariella's Inspirational Moment

Not only a huge moment for New Orleans Saints fans, but an inspirational moment for Hoosiers as well, as former IU cornerback Tracy Porter sealed the Super Bowl XLIV win with an interception.


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