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6 Ways to Provide Value to Clients During COVID-19

Gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts have been forced to find alternative ways to stay healthy and active during the coronavirus pandemic. While most sports and fitness businesses have been forced to shut their doors, there are numerous ways to still add

Upper Hand video analysis tools for hockey goaltenders
How Technology Is Giving Hockey Goalies the Upper ...

During games, Geiger holds an iPad and charts every save, goal, wide shot and puck handled by the goalies. During postgame video review, the goalies add more context, such as where the shot was taken and what kind of shot

Good or Bad? The Impact of Sports Replay on Fan Ex...

In today's modern age, the sports and tech world are integrating at unprecedented rates. Fan experience is being shaped by new innovations in tech, and the presence of new technology has undeniably improved the sports industry. New video review capabilities,

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New Cutting-Edge Sports Technology

This article was written by Upper Hand CEO Kevin MacCauley and published via New World of Coaching on October 10, 2018. High school athletics is growing at an exponential rate, reaching nearly eight million participants and increasing in total growth

Stanley Cup Golden Knights Goalie
A net result? Comparisons of Stanley Cup Goaltende...

This article was published by Neil Greenberg, Laris Karklis, and Tim Meko from the Washington Post on May 27th, 2018 and compared the two Standley Cup Finals goaltenders with captured data from Upper Hand’s APEX Save Review System. To read

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Upper Hand, Inc. Launches Video Analysis and Coach...

Upper Hand, Inc., the leader in cloud-based sports management software and business services, today announces the launch of APEX, a revolutionary multi-sport video analysis platform for sports, fitness and performance activities.

Stanley Cup Golden Knights Goalie
Philipp Grubauer vs. Sergei Bobrovsky shared a story on Upper Hand’s help with analyzing goaltending utilizing Double Blue Sports’ technology. Goaltending is an integral part of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. To better understand the strengths and weaknesses of each goaltender, the last 100 goals

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Upper Hand Acquires Maine Tech Company

INDIANAPOLIS –Indianapolis-based Upper Hand Inc. is growing its portfolio. The sports management software company had acquired Maine-based Double Blue Sports Analytics Inc., which specializes in video analysis technology for coaches and athletes. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed

Upper Hand Software
Upper Hand Acquires Double Blue Sports Analytics

Upper Hand, Inc., the leader in cloud-based sports management software and business services, today announces the acquisition of sports video analysis technology from Double Blue Sports, a company that develops advanced and affordable video analysis and sharing applications for athletes,