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Q+A with Todd Linden: The Future of Fitness and Sp...

"I believe the sports and fitness world will continue to evolve from a technology perspective. Virtual training programs, social media driven “gamification” and the overall proliferation of the space will be driven by financial technology and integrated payments."

New Apps, Wearables and VR: How Gamification has T...

Recently, the fitness industry has begun to capitalize on the widespread love for competition-based games, and fitness gamification creatively infuses the popular elements of competitive video games into workouts. With new apps, wearables, and virtual reality, gamification has allowed fitness

Good or Bad? The Impact of Sports Replay on Fan Ex...

In today's modern age, the sports and tech world are integrating at unprecedented rates. Fan experience is being shaped by new innovations in tech, and the presence of new technology has undeniably improved the sports industry. New video review capabilities,

St Louis Blues Stanley Cup
NHL Playoff Matchup Analysis for 2019 NHL Stanley ...

Using Upper Hand's video analysis tool, breaks down the first round goaltending matchups of the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

March Madness Stats Graphic
Sixteen Sweet 16 March Madness Stats

his weekend kicks off the NCAA Sweet Sixteen, leading into the culmination of March Madness — the National Championship game. The Final Four is one of the most anticipated and action-packed weekends in college sports, where millions of fans will

Leveraging Technology to Become a Better Coach

Technology continues to revolutionize every aspect of our daily lives and has bled its way into the sports industry — especially for coaches and trainers. Fortunately, the integration of technology provides a new lens on the advancement of coaching while

sports and fitness tech
New Cutting-Edge Sports Technology

This article was written by Upper Hand CEO Kevin MacCauley and published via New World of Coaching on October 10, 2018. High school athletics is growing at an exponential rate, reaching nearly eight million participants and increasing in total growth

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Upper Hand, Inc. Named Best Tech Company in Indian...

Upper Hand, Inc. Named Best Tech Company in Indianapolis INDIANAPOLIS (September 18, 2018) – Upper Hand, Inc., the leader in cloud-based sports and fitness management software and business services, today proudly announces it has been named the “Best Tech Company”

sports and fitness tech
How New Technology Can Transform Sports Businesses

How Technology Can Transform Sports Businesses By Kevin MacCauley, Founder and CEO Featured 8/27/2018 by Inside Indiana Business Over the past decade, technology has become integral to the success of all businesses, especially in the continuously-booming sports industry. For any

20 Most Promising Sports Technology Solution Provi...

This article was written by CIO Review and published in July 2018. 20 Most Promising Sports Technology Solution Providers Over the years, technology has modernized the sports arena. The current era has seen integration of technologies within the sports domain