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Business Management

How to Enhance Your Clients’ In-Studio Boutique Fitness Experience

The explosion of boutique fitness studios has created a major shift in the fitness industry. Once dominated by big box gyms, the fitness industry has seen a giant surge in demand for a more specialized, premium workout experience. The key ingredient to providing an exceptional in-studio experience is found outside the confines of your studio – the online experience.

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sports team rebranding

Sports Team Rebranding: Recent Winners, Losers, and Why

The sport and business industries have many similarities, one being the impact of branding. Fans of sports team find identity in logos, elevating them as the singular symbol of the emotions and experiences of fandom. And sometimes they need to be updated to match their personality or to engage a new market with a different identity. We share winners and losers of recent sports rebranding efforts.

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Youth Sports Sponsorship

Using Digital Marketing to Attract Youth Sports Sponsorship

In a technology age, people flock to the internet to search for answers, locate nearby businesses, socialize with friends, and shop online. It’s crucial for your youth sports business to remain current in your digital strategy, especially if you want to attract local or corporate sponsors. Here are 3 best practices to follow to increase your online presence and secure a sponsorship for your youth sports organization.

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Facebook Ads for Sports and Fitness

4 Steps to Effective Sports & Fitness Facebook Advertising

Social media has made it easier for marketers and businesses to reach potential customers on many ways, but Facebook Advertising continues to be one of the biggest attractions. Sports & fitness Facebook advertising can be an invaluable tool for your business, especially since the size your potential audience is very significant. Plus, one of every five minutes people spend on mobile is on Facebook or Instagram. With the ability to find the perfect demographic of potential sports clients, Facebook Ads make it easy from the get-go. Customization is simple as well, so you can shape your sports brand and represent your business appropriately. Plus, the locations in which your ads can appear are more extensive than ever.

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Las Vegas NBA Team

How to Create a Sports and Fitness Logo

As a graphic designer, my work has given me a deep understanding and appreciation for how important it is for sports & fitness businesses to have strong branding. To illustrate the steps which will guide you through designing a great logo, I’ve created an NBA logo for a new team called the Las Vegas Dealers using the insight I gained from creating an Ultimate Ranking of NBA Logos.

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5 Strategies to Secure A Youth Sports Sponsorship

When parents and others attend your team’s Little League game, it’s likely don’t pay an admission fee—but the team members are wearing uniforms and using equipment, and this cost money. There are also costs to keep the field or court well maintained. So, who’s on the hook to make playing the game possible for these young athletes?

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