Two baseball businesses grew revenue with Upper Hand
How Two Businesses Leveraged Upper Hand to Increas...

In an ideal world, the majority of time spent operating a sports training business would be on developing clients. Unfortunately this scenario rarely represents real life, and many business owners find themselves spending most of their time doing admin work.

Recurring Revenue 101: Growing Bottom Line Through...

A large portion of fitness studios seek profit through memberships - locking a customer into a membership results in a highly sought after business asset: recurring revenue. We dive into the impact of recurring revenue and various membership types you

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When it comes to operating a fitness business, finding the right pricing model and strategy will go a long way to attract, satisfy, and retain customers. We break down the 6 most common fitness pricing models and the strategies behind

Apple Pay Sports Fitness
3 Reasons You Should Accept Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a newer contactless payment method built into Apple devices that has gained popularity the past year. It's security and ease-of-use make it a highly attractive option for businesses looking for frictionless payment options for their clients. We

How Apple Pay Benefits Clients
5 Ways Apple Pay Will Benefit Your Clients

Apple Pay is a contactless payment method built into Apple devices and is designed to replace the need for physical credit and debit cards. Here are 5 reasons as to why you should allow clients to use Apple Pay at

Sports Budget template
Top 10 Sports Budget Tools & Tips

It can be easy for coaches to overlook the financial side of their business.. I mean, after all, they just want to coach! We’ve been working with sports academies and businesses for years, and have come to understand the pain

sports budget template
Effectively Track Your Sports Academy Finances

Hopefully your sports business is effectively tracking your finances with an accurate budget and processes, but if not, you're not alone. Here are key financial tracking tips and overall evaluation strategies that have lead to effective results and growth for

PCI Compliance in Sports and Fitness – Are Y...

With cyber-attacks on the rise in the United States, it’s never been more important to protect consumers’ valuable information. Regardless of what your role is in the sports and fitness industry — from handling membership software for your fitness facility

sports budget template
3 Keys to Your Best Sports Business Budget

Have you ever wanted a simple excel template to budget for your sports business? A budget projection that provides the basics like revenue and expense estimates so you can arrive at projected profitability? Our free budget template was put together

5 Strategies to Secure A Youth Sports Sponsorship

When parents and others attend your team's Little League game, it’s likely don’t pay an admission fee—but the team members are wearing uniforms and using equipment, and this cost money. There are also costs to keep the field or court