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Recently, we have begun to see professional sports teams utilizing their brand power and name recognition to expand into the fitness market. A prime example of this is the Dallas Cowboys’ newest venture: Cowboys Fit. They invite customers to ‘train

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Sports Team Rebranding: Recent Winners, Losers, an...

The sport and business industries have many similarities, one being the impact of branding. Fans of sports team find identity in logos, elevating them as the singular symbol of the emotions and experiences of fandom. And sometimes they need to

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In a technology age, people flock to the internet to search for answers, locate nearby businesses, socialize with friends, and shop online. It’s crucial for your youth sports business to remain current in your digital strategy, especially if you want

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How to Create a Sports and Fitness Logo

As a graphic designer, my work has given me a deep understanding and appreciation for how important it is for sports & fitness businesses to have strong branding. To illustrate the steps which will guide you through designing a great

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Ultimate Ranking of NBA Logos

Have you ever wondered what goes into a great sports logo? Wonder no more. I compiled data from 10 different rankings of NBA logos, analyzed what separates the best from the worst, and compiled the Ultimate NBA Team Logo Ranking.