Fitness Studio Member Experience
Member Experience: Is Self-Service the New Full-Se...

With screens allowing clients and members to do everything from obtaining initial information about a gym or studio, registering for classes, and checking in at the location, the need for

March 2020 Product Update

March's update includes a revamped session summary drawer, new beta testing group, and public product roadmap. Plus a free trial of video analysis software!

Fitness Home Workouts Peloton
How to Get The Boutique Fitness Experience at Home

Technological advancements and social sharing platforms have made us more connected than ever, and given us the means to connect with our favorite gym and studio communities from afar. If

Sports in a Time of Crisis
The Role of Sports in a Time of Crisis

There’s an old cliche that many powerful stories start with. “Do you remember when?” The simple question freezes moments in time, placing them on a pedestal and subjecting them to

video analysis tools
6 Ways to Provide Value to Clients During COVID-19

Gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts have been forced to find alternative ways to stay healthy and active during the coronavirus pandemic. While most sports and fitness businesses have been forced to

At-Home Workouts
Guide to On-Demand and At-Home Fitness Classes and...

With gyms and fitness centers temporarily closing their doors nationwide, many of us are beginning to redefine how we get our exercise. On-demand and at-home workouts are more prevalent than

boutique fitness studio experience - Fierce45 Littleton
How to Enhance Your Clients’ In-Studio Boutique ...

The explosion of boutique fitness studios has created a major shift in the fitness industry. Once dominated by big box gyms, the fitness industry has seen a giant surge in

Upper Hand Software
Coronavirus Update from Upper Hand CEO

On behalf of our team at Upper Hand, our hearts are with all those impacted by COVID-19. Leaders across the company have been highly focused on mitigating the potential impact of

February 2020 Product Update

Customers can leap into this lineup of February updates with a brand new Kiosk Mode, UI enhancements to the calendar, and a *heavy* dose of under-the-hood refactors for improved stability,

Tokyo Olympics Coronavirus
Could Coronavirus Cancel the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

With many high-profile sporting events cancelled or postponed, including the Chinese Grand Prix scheduled for April 19 and the World Athletics Indoor Athletics Championships, it begs the question--will the 2020