Reduce Lost Revenue with Upper Hand
Failed Payments Happen: Here’s How to Address Them

Getting behind on collecting failed payments can become a slippery slope for your business. First and foremost, it means you’re missing out on a large amount of already-earned revenue. Profits from your offerings add up quickly, which means being behind on failed payments can cost

Inside Upper Hand: Meet Alexus Jimson-Miller

Alexus joined the team in August 2020 as a Customer Support Representative, where she works on the front lines of our support team to solve inbound customer and client requests. Alexus is a former Division I student-athlete and coach, and an avid track and field

Steal this Idea: Build a Customer Birthday Campaign (in 30 minutes or ...

Birthdays are a great opportunity to make your clients and customers feel special. Recognizing their big day shows that you care about them as more than just another face in your class, and can do a lot for client satisfaction! That’s why we’re breaking down

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How to Grow and Retain Customers Using Marketing Surveys

A marketing survey enables you to gather focused insights from large groups of people. For sports and fitness businesses, marketing surveys are a simple way to collect feedback from your clients. How do they feel about your new class offering? What prompted them to check

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How to Use Data to Drive Decision Making (and Why It Matters)

The more you know about your customers, competitors, and industry, the more confident you can be in making decisions that lead to growth. From identifying changes in the market to developing a long-term business strategy, here are three ways you can use data today to

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Steal These 3 Strategies To Improve Trainer Retention By 8x

There are a few key factors that contribute to trainer turnover, time and time again. And there are strategies that you can employ to greatly reduce the impact of those factors. The result? Higher trainer retention rates, which results in a reduced cost of staff replacement. In

Sports and Fitness Staff Management
6 Staff Management Tips for Your Fitness and Sports Facility

Running a sports & fitness business can be challenging, and adding a facility with staff to manage only complicates the equation. Here are 6 tips and best practices on managing your staff to increase productivity and motivate your team.

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How Myles Grote Built an Innovation Machine at Upper Hand: Q+A

We sat down with Chief Product Officer Myles Grote to understand how he defines innovation, what innovation looks like in the sports and fitness industry, and the upcoming products that will pave the way for customer growth.

Survey Data: How the Peloton Treadmill Recall Changed Brand Perception

When Peloton issued a recall of their Treadmill on May 5th, we became curious as to how this would affect their brand. So we surveyed 3,000 Peloton consumers, and here's what we found...

Upper Hand Stevies 2021
Upper Hand Named Most Innovative Tech Company

Upper Hand, the leader in sports and fitness software, today proudly announces that it has been named the winner of a Bronze Stevie® Award in the Most Innovative Tech Company Category at the 19th Annual American Business Awards®.