gym management software
What is Gym Management Software and Why You Need I...

If you operate a fitness-related business and are just getting acquainted with the world of fitness software, I hope this

March Madness Stats Graphic
Sixteen Sweet 16 March Madness Stats

This week kicks off the NCAA Sweet Sixteen, leading into the culmination of March Madness — the National Championship game.

club management software
Upper Hand Placed Among Leading Club Management So...

This article was originally written by Andy Butcher, Marketing Manager at SoftwareWorld. Upper Hand is a leading software designed to

athlete feedback
Ultimate Guide for Effective Athlete Feedback

Performance evaluations are found in all aspects of life. In school, students are graded on homework and exams. In the

sports fitness payment software
Introducing: The Reinvented UP Financial Suite

The UP Financial Suite is a reinvented financial solution that provides more flexibility to sports and fitness businesses and makes

july company update
July 2020 Company & Product Update

In July we welcomed many new faces to the Upper Hand family, improved the onboarding experience for new users, and

Fitness Music Streaming and Licensing for Fitness Centers
The Ultimate List of Music Streaming Services for ...

Many fitness businesses that play music in their gym or studio aren’t aware of the legal implications behind streaming from

May product roundup
May 2020 Product Update

Thanks to our team continuing to stay laser-focused, our May update includes new features designed to increase productivity and organization

April product roundup
April 2020 Product Update

April's update includes speed and stability enhancements, Fix-It-Friday, new APEX features, and more.

March product roundup
March 2020 Product Update

March's update includes a revamped session summary drawer, new beta testing group, and public product roadmap. Plus a free trial