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How to Navigate Fitness Studio Operations Post COV...

It’s now been one year since the pandemic began affecting our communities, causing an unprecedented level of disruption in the

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Adapting Your Offerings to Handle Uncertainty

If the effects of COVID on the sports and fitness industry taught us anything, it’s this: sports and fitness businesses

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Pros and Cons of Sports Business Membership Models

There are four primary business models used by sports businesses to structure their memberships. Each come with their own benefits

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How a Colorado Basketball Academy Grew to 2,500 At...

EYG Basketball is a basketball training academy and facility based outside of Denver, Colorado. This business trains powerful and promising

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How to Maximize Profitability at Your Sports Facil...

Historically, sports and fitness businesses have relied on maximizing capacity to generate the most revenue. This could mean filling up

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What to Look for in a Sports Facility Management S...

How do you know what to look for in a sports facility software with so many options on the market?

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NFL Logos: Ultimate Ranking and Analysis

To determine the “ultimate ranking” of NFL logos, our team sourced rankings from 7 different reputable sports sites including FanJuicer,

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Industry Secrets: How to Open a Sports Training Fa...

If you consider yourself an expert in a sports or fitness trade, then there is a lot of opportunity in

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How to Run Successful Promotions for Your Business...

We’re here to bring you the resources and know-how to run a successful promotion from start to finish, including what

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3 Ways Upper Hand Enables Growth for Basketball Ac...

Upper Hand provides an all-in-one solution for basketball academies that streamlines business operations, allowing you to spend more time focusing