barry's bootcamp online classes COVID-19
Adapting Your Offerings to Handle Uncertainty

Although studios and gyms will soon reopen, the lessons taken from this pandemic, if implemented effectively, can strengthen offerings moving forward. Based on the insights from our Product team who

This Week’s Top Fitness Headlines: ICYMI

Sometimes, the headlines we don't see are the ones that impact our industry the most. Here are a few of this week's easily missed headlines that just might be the

Virtual Fitness Workout
COVID-19: How to Promote Your Virtual Classes, Wor...

By now, many studios and gyms have begun offering virtual training sessions, lessons, and classes. But creating these plans is only half the battle. How do businesses promote these offerings

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How to Get The Boutique Fitness Experience at Home

Technological advancements and social sharing platforms have made us more connected than ever, and given us the means to connect with our favorite gym and studio communities from afar. If

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6 Ways to Provide Value to Clients During COVID-19

Gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts have been forced to find alternative ways to stay healthy and active during the coronavirus pandemic. While most sports and fitness businesses have been forced to

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Thinking of Launching a Training Facility? Here...

If you consider yourself an expert in a sports or fitness trade, then there is a lot of opportunity in launching your own training facility. In fact, the health club

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Top 50 Motivational Workout Quotes

Finding motivation to work out can be challenging. There are so many distractions and less physically demanding alternatives to spending an hour at the gym. Even when we do get

Las Vegas NBA Team
How to Create a Sports and Fitness Logo

As a graphic designer, my work has given me a deep understanding and appreciation for how important it is for sports & fitness businesses to have strong branding. To illustrate

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Ultimate Ranking of NBA Logos

Have you ever wondered what goes into a great sports logo? Wonder no more. I compiled data from 10 different rankings of NBA logos, analyzed what separates the best from

Top Best Basketball Drills
Top Basketball Drills and Resources

From rebounds and free-throws, to footwork and passing, basketball drills for coaches are endless! We’ve compiled a list of some of the top sites and drills that will help basketball