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Sports Payment Processing

Make your academy sports credit card payment easy for clients & safe for your business.

Your Sports Checkout Process Simplified

As your merchant and payment gateway, Upper Hand manages the entire process and compliance of each financial transaction.

Provide your clients with easy sports credit card payment options, along with check and cash options, on a modern, mobile-responsive platform.

Now with flexible payment options! Offer clients prorated payment plans and special picing for memberships.


Easy Withdrawals

Cash-flow is important for any growing sports business. You will receive automatic deposits to your connected bank account every two days. No delays and no extra fees!


No Hidden Fees

Payment processing comes with varying rates & fees. Then software companies add fees on, making it nearly impossible to know your cost. We set up your sports checkout process on a low cost plan, & you always know what you're paying.


Fraud Protection

We scan every payment to help detect & block fraud. The Stripe payment platform pinpoints fraud using behavioral signals from across 100,000+ global companies.

When it’s a cash only business, I think people are nervous to to give cash away to another person. I think when you’re booking, and you’re doing credit card transactions, and everything is more transparent, there is sense of security behind that.

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John Plaugic, Modern Goalkeeper Owner & Trainer

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