Alternatives to Participation Trophies in Sports

Recently, the topic of participation trophies, the physical trophy awarded to youth athletes for participating in their sports program, league or organization, has been a topic of divisive debate. So the question: Do you believe participants should receive a trophy

sports budget template
Effectively Track Your Sports Academy Finances

Hopefully your sports business is effectively tracking your finances with an accurate budget and processes, but if not, you're not alone. Here are key financial tracking tips and overall evaluation strategies that have lead to effective results and growth for

NBA Logo Rankings
Ultimate Ranking of NBA Logos

Have you ever wondered what goes into a great sports logo? Wonder no more. I compiled data from 10 different rankings of NBA logos, analyzed what separates the best from the worst, and compiled the Ultimate NBA Team Logo Ranking.

PCI Compliance in Sports and Fitness – Are Y...

With cyber-attacks on the rise in the United States, it’s never been more important to protect consumers’ valuable information. Regardless of what your role is in the sports and fitness industry — from handling membership software for your fitness facility