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Performance Training Software

Working to train the best-of-the-best in multiple fields? With custom registration & scheduling, Upper Hand offers the perfect software solution for each unique training program!

Upper Hand Sports Software

From the front desk to the back office, Upper Hand performance training software delivers the tools needed to provide an industry leading experience for your clients.

Plus, make it easy for your staff to manage multiple training programs, coordinating scheduling for multiple coaches, trainers and locations.

Customizing your 1-on-1 lessons or training program sign up has never been easier!

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“One part of the Upper Hand software that we like so much is the ease of use of the calendar feature for our clients as well as our instructors. For us, the calendar and scheduling allows us a great snapshot of instructor availability, it avoids double booking of an instructor or training area.”


-Chris Zaker, Field of Dreams Owner & Instructor


Performance Training Website

You compete. Shouldn't your website?

Along with the industry's top sports management software, you can get a custom built performance training website. Your brand is competitive, unique, and should speak to who you are as a business, make sure your website is building your brand!

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Complete Automation + Total Advantage

From the front desk to the back office, Upper Hand sports management software delivers the tools needed to provide an industry leading experience for your clients. An experience that simplifies life for parents & players while empowering staff to take your business up and to the right

Simple & Secure Checkout

As your merchant and payment gateway, Upper Hand ensures the process and compliance of each transaction. Credit card, check & cash payment options.

Registration & Scheduling

In addition to simplified check-out, let your clients schedule right at registration. Our software populates your event dates & availability to give clients a seamless experience.


Business Intelligence

Use financial tracking to see what training types are bringing in the best results. Give staff access to the features they need for scheduling, while keeping administrative info private.

Marketing Tools

Running a weekend clinic and want to get the word out? Trigger an email to clients sending them directly to your training registration page!

Automated Reminders

Reduce no-shows and time spent on event reminders. With Upper Hand, clients will get automated email reminders for upcoming training.

Mobile Friendly

In a modern age, you need peace of mind that your platform provides a modern experience. Every Upper Hand feature & tool is mobile friendly.


One Platform; Unlimited Opportunity


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