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Sports Marketing Tools

Now marketing your sports business is easier than ever! One-click event invitations, custom event surveys, and powerful SEO save your business time, money and help eliminate resource waste.

Promote Your Sports Business

With client-centered marketing, you will be able to realize improved cash flow, reduce client drop-off rates and increase the power of word-of-mouth in online social conversations.

Get the Upper Hand by deploying a marketing strategy every time you sign in! Plus, understand your key audience demographics with the new Business Intelligence Add-On.



Event Invitations

One-click event invitations make it easy to market your new training programs, giving clients a clear call-to-action and an easy way to register. Upper Hand customers have seen a conversion rate 4x higher than competitors.


Audience Demographics

With the Sports Business Intelligence Add-On, you can get to know your client demographics to make better informed marketing decisions, backed by industry data.


Unbeatable SEO

Make sure potential clients can find your business. Upper Hand engineers are continuously striving to bring our customers to the top of the search list through better SEO.

When it’s a cash only business, I think people are nervous to to give cash away to another person. I think when you’re booking, and you’re doing credit card transactions, and everything is more transparent, there is sense of security behind that.

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John Plaugic, Modern Goalkeeper Owner & Trainer

Sports Marketing Tips & Resources

Sports Facebook Advertising Resources

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Athlete-Parent Involvement

Finding the Right Path for Parental Support: Youth sports have so many advantages when it comes to developing young athletes physically and mentally, and this is an important selling point for

The Power of Design in Sports Social Media Ads

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Give Your Sports Camp Registration a Boost with Digital Marketing

We can agree that utilizing digital marketing tactics to increase awareness of your sports business is the 21st Century. Whether you’re promoting your camps, training programs, tournaments or


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